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Sierra Vista

Community Impact

Conveniently located in close proximity to education, jobs, transit, medical services, grocery and recreation – Sierra Vista I and II provides 215 brand new, high quality and attractive one, two, three and four bedroom units as well as a large community center with a pool and open play areas nestled throughout the site to encourage interaction between families, young children and older generations. The neighborhood is well-suited for vital affordable housing and will positively impact the neighborhood by bringing new life to an outdated site, increasing the quality of life for residents through better health, economic security and housing stability.

Environmental Impact

Sierra Vista has incorporated solar to offset 100% of the community space electricity consumption and 40% of the residents’ electricity consumption. There have been positive effects to the surrounding mature neighborhood by redeveloping the community and reestablishing it as a neighborhood center of life and creating harmony. Increasing the quality of life of residents leading to better health, economic security, and housing stability.

Economic Impact

Sierra Vista phases I and II are part of the Housing Authority of the County of San Joaquin’s Master Redevelopment Plan for replacing outdated public housing. Sierra Vista Homes was originally built in south Stockton the early 1950’s, and originally consisted of 330 units. Over decades of being under-maintained and unable to financially meet growing capital needs, the property fell into poor condition and exceeded its useful life. AHDC became a partner in the redevelopment of Phase I and Phase II, guiding a new design which include a total of 215 units on 15 acres.

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Stockton, CA


2019 / 2020

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