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Parc Grove Commons

Community Impact

This redevelopment had been stalled for several years due to the inability to come up with feasible financing. In 2009, a creative financing solution was launched through a public/private partnership between the Fresno Housing Authority and AHDC. The Community is enriched with resident and social services, access to a service coordinator and resources in the community they otherwise wouldn’t have access to. With one of the State’s leading Veteran’s Administration Hospitals located across the street, the Veterans living both in and around the property have access to top healthcare and resources that enrich their lives.

Environmental Impact

Energy efficient and sustainable housing features, increasing the quality of life of residents by leading to better health, economic security, and housing stability. It’s easily accessible and proximate to goods and services such as a supermarket, pharmacy, Radio Park and a medical clinic in addition to the VA Hospital and job centers centered around service and retail trade occupations. Positive effects to the surrounding neighborhoods by creating a real defined community within the established neighborhood.

Economic Impact

This former blighted substandard public housing site was crime-ridden and was turned into 403 units of mixed income housing - including revitalized public housing, Project Based Section 8 housing (PBV), and Veteran’s housing. This beautiful development is characterized as an anchor to the surrounding neighborhood creating hope and optimism through access to attractive affordable housing and community services.

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Fresno, CA


2011 / 2014 / 2016

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