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Building and Reviving Housing for Life.

High Standards. Proven Results.

We are one of California’s premier affordable housing development firms, with over 30 years of experience in developing, financing and operating over 11,000 multifamily units. Everything we do shapes and maintains a triple bottom line: Community Building, Environmental Wellness, and Economic Success.


WHY AFFORDABLE HOUSING? Almost 50% of California residents are considered cost burdened for housing – paying more than 30% of their income towards shelter. We aim to solve this problem by creating high quality, affordable solutions.

Three Decades of Excellence & Innovation.


Total Development Volume

As an innovator in the affordable housing industry, AHDC has amassed an extensive knowledge of financing, building and operating multifamily housing.


Total LIHTC and Tax Exempt Bond Financing Allocations

We’ve mastered the use of both 9% and 4% tax Low Income Housing Tax Credits and have utilized these financing vehicles for over 70% of our developments.


Total Specialized Competitive Financing Awards

AHDC has developed multiple skill sets to handle both short and long term financing available at both state and local levels.

Over 11,000 multifamily units

Total Completed New Construction and Rehabilitation

Our multidisciplinary approach offers enormous depth and capacity, whether it involves new construction, rehabilitation of an existing community or infill development of distressed sites.


What Sets Us Apart

Every Project. Every Time.

Proven through decades of financing, building, and owning multifamily housing, our strategies maximize the performance of the team, create unique financing solutions, and provide an attractive asset to the community that has longevity in the market.


Our Story

The strength, integrity and duration of our relationships with our partners, lenders, and investors matter to us. Learn more about our team, what drives us, and what we’ve accomplished in three decades of pursuing excellence in affordable housing.




Marc D. Schnitzer

President and CEO / R4 Capital

AHDC’s knowledge of the industry is unsurpassed, as is the quality of their product. As a partner and lender, we are most impressed with AHDC’s track record and follow-through. When they make a commitment they keep it.