Our Mission

We are committed to developing the highest quality affordable housing communities that create and maintain value, both for those living in – and those living around – our properties.

Who is AHDC?

We develop and own affordable housing rental communities.
We build new neighborhoods and revive old ones, enhancing lives along the way.
We offer our residents a means to change their lives by providing an affordable place to live.
We help people take the first step towards achieving the American Dream and provide a solution for those who desire a more simplified life.
We assist in the advancement of low and moderate income families and provide comfort and security to seniors.
We believe that housing is more than just bricks and mortar; it is a way of life. It affects both the education and welfare of our residents.


Financial History

AHDC has acquired an extensive knowledge of construction and debt financing during its years of operation.  By examining new and changing possibilities for the funding of each individual project, AHDC has developed multiple skill sets to handle both short and long term financing. Over the past ten years, AHDC has completed over $500 million in total tax-exempt bond financing in the construction and rehabilitation of approximately 6,000 rental units. This includes approximately $50 million in subordinate financing from city governments and multiple successes with CDBG Funds, HOME Funds from both City and CHDO programs, Housing Set-Asides from local redevelopment agencies, Tax Increment Financing, and MHP Funds.  The strength and adaptability of AHDC’s financing programs is both evidenced and reinforced by its long standing relationships with core financial partners such as Centerline Capital Group, who with their predecessors have been involved in some twenty-five AHDC projects representing over $100 million in equity. AHDC has mastered the use of both 9% and 4% Tax Credit programs, and has utilized these financing vehicles in over 97% of its projects, representing total tax credit allocations of over $120 million.  

Development History

The skill and ingenuity demonstrated by AHDC’s financing abilities are matched by the company’s development expertise.  Since 1991, AHDC has successfully interfaced with over thirty city governments in fourteen counties.  The company has received recognition for the quality of its performance and product from the State of California and was presented with the Community Business Leadership Key Holder Award by the Family Self-Sufficiency Corps of Fresno County for the year 2001.  In developing over 30 rental communities in the past decade, AHDC has faced a unique combination of social conditions and environmental concerns for each property.  In each of these cases, AHDC’s development team has demonstrated the knowledge and presentation skills to satisfy each community’s needs while understanding and dealing with the concerns of social and environmental groups.  The success of AHDC’s development efforts can be largely attributed to the company’s skill in assessing the diverse needs of every market that it enters.  From high end market rate assisted living facilities, market rate multi-family housing to affordable multi-family communities, and affordable seniors housing; AHDC is able to tailor a specific solution to meet any community’s housing needs.  The concerns of many communities and interested parties are answered by the attention and care that AHDC demonstrates in the ownership and management of each of its properties in the face of social, political, and practical challenges.  Whether building strategies to end crime on acquired properties, or facing the challenges of running an assisted living community for seniors, AHDC ensures that these solutions are crafted and implemented as part of the development process rather than as an afterthought.

Construction History

AHDC’s standards of excellence are also apparent in terms of its construction history and current practices.  Even when faced with snowy conditions in the High Sierra, unseasonable flooding on California’s Central Coast, or the extreme weather conditions of Northern California or Southern California deserts; AHDC’s partner construction company, Ashwood Construction continues to deliver project after project on time and within budget.  Through careful and direct management, AHDC is able to operate successfully in geographically and politically diverse conditions.  AHDC has been able to meet specific building requirements for every city in which it has operated, including the integration of special construction practices in environmentally sensitive regions.  In 2001, AHDC’s skills was demonstrated in a 36-month period of heavy construction activity during which the company built and restored to like-new condition over 3,000 rental units, of which all featured contemporary elevations, full landscaping features, and the latest amenities. It is this consistency and quality that have earned AHDC’s communities a reputation for excellence.

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