In the mid-1980’s, Peter Herzog and Mike Conway agreed they would do together what each of them had done independently for years-they would build homes that provided far more than shelter. With the advent of new affordable housing laws, they could allow their ethical and social concerns to directly influence their business decisions. They would become part of a solution to the state’s dwindling affordable housing options. And they would see financially struggling families discover a better way of life. Since their initial involvement in the industry, Mr. Herzog and Mr. Conway have developed multi-family communities with more than 15,000 rental units in California.

What AHDC Does

Affordable Housing Development Corporation (AHDC) utilizes Federal and State affordable housing programs which encourage private investment in rental housing for low-income families. Through the sale of tax credits to investors, and along with financial support from local jurisdictions, AHDC raises project funding for each development. This is a complex process and requires a well-orchestrated, collaborative effort between each of our departments that provide construction, financing, and asset management. Unlike most affordable housing developers, we provide all of the necessary expertise through our own staff, and those of our wholly-owned affiliates. AHDC's expertise ranges from project entitlements through construction completion and asset management allows us to be the single point of contact when working with our clients and partners. After completing over 50 affordable housing developments for ourselves and others in the State of California, we have created one of the most comprehensive affordable housing portfolios in the nation. The multi-disciplinary framework of AHDC offers enormous depth and capacity to every project, whether it involves new construction, the rehabilitation of an existing community, or infill redevelopment of blighted sites.

Throughout our history, we have developed and maintained standards of excellence in each field of operation. It is this mentality that has enabled AHDC to develop a diverse and outstanding track record in every one of its professional capacities, proving that new experiences breed strength and success.

Park Terrace in Chico, CA


By identifying and addressing the diverse needs of every market it enters, the AHDC development team has successfully worked with over 30 city governments in 14 counties to develop approximately 50 rental communities. Whether it is affordable multi-family communities, mixed income family communities, or affordable seniors housing, AHDC has tailored each project to address all social, environmental, political, and practical challenges.

AHDC provides site acquisition, development, financing, construction and third-party management operations or a combination of any of these five services. It is this diverse capacity that provides AHDC clients with a “one-stop shop” for all their affordable housing needs. There is significant synergy, efficiency and cost-competitiveness created by providing all services to our clients keeping them from having to coordinate a large team involving multiple third-party contractors.


Through careful and direct management AHDC has been able to operate successfully in geographically and politically diverse conditions. Even when faced with projects involving specific building requirements or environmentally sensitive regions, AHDC partnered with Ashwood Construction has a track record of finishing projects on time and within budget. Due to consistency and attention to detail AHDC's communities have earned a reputation for excellence. Together, AHDC and Ashwood Construction have tackled projects ranging in size from 30 – 406 units providing over 6,000 units of affordable housing units to the State of California, which is still owned and operated by AHDC.


Property Management

At AHDC, we have a vested interest in every one of our properties. A partnership with Winn Residential Property Management allows us to handle daily property management functions.  We also continue to maintain a high level of ownership involvement through site visits, managers’ meetings and financial monitoring for every property. This direct approach to managing our portfolio allows us to provide our residents with a safe and desirable living environment, while allowing us to protect our investment in the property.

Social Services

AHDC offers a wide variety of social services on our properties by working with strong non-profit partners who have a vested interest in our communities.  Some of our resident services include;

  • Job Training
  • Promotion of welfare-to-work initiatives
  • Healthcare training
  • Computer training
  • After school programs
  • Formation of resident councils
  • Tax Services
  • Special needs training
  • Formations of Neighborhood watch programs
  • Financial management training and credit counseling

In addition to the services listed above, AHDC has implemented programs which benefit the families in our developments as well as the surrounding community.

Kids Club, After School Program, and Computer Lab
An after school and summer program, providing children the opportunity to get help with homework, create art projects, and socialize with other children in the apartment community.  This program also teaches the children basic computer skills.

Boys and Girls Club
A national organization running programs in our communities.

Police Activities League = PAL
The local police department brings their program to our Communities.They take kids on field trips, ball games, camp outs, aquariums, etc.

Bible Studies
Different denominations bring their studies to the Community.

Brown Bag Events
Local charities, together with food stores, deliver lunches to children and seniors.

National Night Out
The Apartment community gets involved with this national social event. Huge complex parties are held with food, games, and prizes.  The police and fire departments get involved, as well as local dignitaries, to boost community spirit and promote social well-being.

Food Drives, Toys for Tots, Coats for Kids
These events are supported by our community members, as well as the less fortunate members of our communities that are helped by these wonderful charities.

Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, and Awana’s:
Meetings are held at the Communities.

Neighborhood watch

Game nights and movie nights

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