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The AHDC team is critically supported behind the scenes by a dedicated team of individuals who are committed to making housing dreams a reality for those who are in need. This dedicated support team is spearheaded by our controller, Shundrea Mustapha, who works hand in hand with the Development team to run budgets, financial analysis and project feasibility to ensure the success of every project we consult on. Shundrea is committed to making housing dreams a reality.

In addition to our office staff, who manages the daily tasks that allow our Development team to focus on your needs, we have established, fostered and maintained, over the past 26 years, extensive relationships with Syndicators, Tax Advisors, Attorneys and Builders who are experts in turning affordable multi-family developments into housing dreams for thousands of families.

Development Team

Austin Herzog

Austin Herzog is a graduate of California State University San Diego with a degree in Public Administration with an emphasis in City Planning.  He began his career with AHDC after graduating in 2005. 

Austin is versed in all phases of the Affordable Housing Industry from site acquisition thru long term asset management, stabilization, and debt structuring. Austin is particularly versed in the dynamic debt structures often found in the industry.  He oversees and is involved in all aspects of the company operations.  Austin’s role as Vice President of Operations allows him to step in and deal with specific issues as they arise to help get the best results.  He actively participates with the staff to insure all timelines and objectives are being met.

His role at Affordable Housing Development Corporation has lead him to re-structure over $50,000,000 in debt over the past 24 months with another $70,000,000 in debt restructuring in his pipeline for 2012-2013.

Austin has had great success at managing current debt structure within our portfolio of multi-family housing.  In the past 24 months Austin has successfully refinanced and acquired the LP interest in eight tax credit properties that have passed their initial compliance period AHDC. He was able to refinance these properties over a longer term, decrease interest rates on the loans, increase cash flow by $400,000 per year and buy out the Tax Credit investor Limited Partner of these deals so AHDC could maintain ownership.  Austin was successful in completing these transactions due to his knowledge of the industry and close relationships he has built during his time.  He is a critical part of the staff here at AHDC!

Laurie Doyle

Laurie Doyle graduated from California State University, Fresno with a Bachelor of Science Degree (cum laude) in Health Administration and is currently Vice President of Development for Affordable Housing Development Corporation (AHDC). Working for the company since 2001, Laurie has excelled in gaining diverse development and financing experience in senior affordable, senior market rate, family affordable, market rate and HUD mixed finance multi-family housing developments. Laurie has the benefit of not only working for a private development firm for the last decade, but has also gained immense experience in non-profit/public agency transactions, as she has consulted directly with various Housing Authorities throughout the state, including the Fresno Housing Authority, to bring quality affordable housing to the valley.

Keeping with the company’s standards, Laurie has developed and maintains close relationships with architects, engineers, and construction management teams to design efficient rental communities while keeping high standards of quality, livability and appearance consistent on all projects. During her time with the company, Laurie has been responsible for the planning, development and finance of over 1,500 rental units in value of over $260 million in multi-family development. Laurie is responsible for overseeing project budgets and timelines, entitlements, development implementation, financial analysis, construction monitoring (site visits, regular meetings with on-site construction management to ensure the project maintains its schedule and budget) and lease-up/marketing development and implementation through asset stabilization.

In 2009, Laurie began working with the Fresno Housing Authority and in 2010 was able to successfully restructure the Agency’s project financing scheme. She was able to secure a 9% credit allocation (the largest in California in 2009) and deliver a direct tax credit investor and lender so that construction could begin on the 215-unit Parc Grove Commons HUD mixed finance development located in Fresno, California. Just recently, Laurie closed on the construction financing for Phase 2 of the Parc Grove Commons development, utilizing the same financing partners. At the same time, Laurie also spearheaded the team’s newest development, Harvest Park - a 90 unit 4% tax exempt bond and 4% tax credit project. Laurie worked diligently with the City of Chico, TCAC, the lender and investor to bring this $19 million transaction into a reality for the well deserving residents of Chico. This is AHDC’s third development in the last decade in the City of Chico, proving that relationships are the key to success. Laurie is currently overseeing multiple affordable housing and market rate developments in California.

In 2012, Laurie was awarded the Volunteer Leadership Award through the local volunteer agency HandsOn. Laurie has been active for over 10 years in the local Housing Authority’s Family Self Sufficiency program, and has fundraised over $700,000 for the program participants to help assist them in becoming self-sufficient members of the community. Laurie and her husband, Kevin, reside in Fresno County and are expecting their first child in April.

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